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Dobermann FIS

The legendary Nordica Dobermann collection

When it’s time to hold nothing back, the skis in the Dobermann FIS collection lead the charge. Designed with extensive feedback from some of the best skiers in the world—including Felix Neureuther, Dominik Paris, and Fritz Dopfer—these skis cater to diehard racers who demand nothing less than the best. Thanks to their unrivaled power and precision, they inspire confidence and unleash your potential. Don’t just dream of the podium - join the Dobermann family and stand atop it.

Dobermann FIS Invitation

Dob. DH WC Dept Edt Plate

Black / Red

Dob. SG WC Dept Edt Plate

Black / Red

Dob. GS WC Dept Plate

Black / Red

Dob. SL WC Dept Plate

Black / Red

Dobermann SL Wc Plate

Black / Red

Dobermann Gs Race Plate

Black / Red

Dobermann SL Race Plate

Black / Red