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Dobermann DC

Fast. Forward.

The entire line of Doberman skis is designed for skiers demanding high-performance, on-piste precision. Built using three years of studies and on-snow testing, the skis are more fluid through the arc, smoother, and faster thanks to a number of new technologies. That includes the new Recoil Power Plate, which allows the ski to flex naturally, thereby delivering a livelier ride. All of the skis in the line are modeled after our World Cup race skis, but Dobermann line is built to dominate recreational race leagues with a level of excellence no other ski can match. Add the hold of titanium and a lively wood core, and you’ve got skiing’s funnest way to go fast.

Dobermann DC Invitation

Dobermann GSR DC Fdt


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Dobermann Multigara DC Race


Dobermann Multigara DC Fdt


Dobermann GSC FDT

Black / Red

Dobermann SLC FDT

Black / Red

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Dynamic Race Shovel

Dynamic Race Shovel is a geometric structure specifically developed by Nordica to make the tip more maneuverable. A slight rocker on the shovel eases the first part of the turn, improving control and reducing effort.

  • Smoother turn initiation
  • Increases Control
  • Versatility in various conditions


FDT Race Plate PRO

Nordica’s FDT Race Plate Pro N provides exceptional performance and features a Fast Demo Track for quick and easy tool-free adjustments.

  • Fast Demo Track for quick and easy tool-free adjustments
  • Zinc plate and bridge boost the transmission of energy for outstanding power and control

FDT Race Plate PRO FDT Race Plate PRO