Unlimited 120 DYN

Where Boundaries Don’t Exist

Unlimited 120 DYN

Where Boundaries Don’t Exist
Each day is an adventure–and Nordica’s Unlimited 120 DYN makes the most of it. Whether you’re rallying at the resort, touring deep in the mountains, or just on a quick dawn patrol with friends, the Unlimited 120 DYN shares your passion. Bred to provide exceptional performance on both the approach and the descent, it sets a new standard in all-mountain touring boots. Instead of classical bales, it showcases a streamlined wire closure system that cradles your foot to offer a precise fit that boosts comfort and control. And when it’s time to hike, skin, or just loosen up your boots, you can simply undo the quick-release power strap and flip the toe buckle to release the closure system for greater comfort and mobility. Its sophisticated cuff uses a softer plastic to securely wrap your foot while a super stiff spine maximizes the transmission of energy to amplify response–and your confidence. To further enhance comfort and efficiency, the boot’s ski-walk mechanism offers an outstanding range of motion of 65 degrees. And to attain the control and response you need, you can readily adjust the boot’s forward lean. For all-day comfort and exceptional performance while skiing, the boot features a 3D Corkfit PrimaLoft Light liner. This liner hugs the contours of your foot and is thermomoldable for a truly custom fit. The boot’s versatile sole features DYN inserts and is compatible with GripWalk binding systems. And thanks to its screw-on design, the sole can easily be replaced to maximize the lifespan of the boot. No matter the adventure, Nordica’s Unlimited 120 DYN elevates your experience–and keeps you smiling.
  • Last: 99
  • Volume: Medium
  • Weight (half Pair): 1680.0 g
  • Size Range: 22.5-30.5
  • Cuff: Trimat Triax
  • Shell: PU
  • Soles: Gripwalk PU + soles Dynafit® inserts
  • Buckles: 2 Micro MG LT;Wire System Closure
  • Liner: 3D Cork Fit Primaloft® Light
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Unlimited / Technologies


Unlimited Soles

To be worthy of adventure, a touring boot must be capable of not just enduring but also excelling in the diverse terrain it will inevitably encounter. Guided by this belief, we set out to develop an entirely new sole for our Unlimited boots–a sole that was as versatile as it was durable. It had to offer exceptional grip to ensure it could withstand hiking in the most treacherous terrain–be that a rocky summit, high-stakes glacial traverse, or a parking lot coated in ice. Yet it also had to interface perfectly with countless binding systems while maximizing safety and control. This led to the creation of a sole that provides the legendary traction and performance of the Michelin Gripwalk system while also featuring DYN inserts. This sole is compatible with both ISO Gripwalk and alpine touring standards. And thanks to its screw-on design, the sole can readily be replaced to maximize the longevity of the boot. No matter how you define adventure–or where you pursue it–you can depend on Nordica’s Unlimited soles.

  • Screwed & Interchangeable
  • Grip and Stability


Tri Force Cuff Construction

By strategically positioning three different densities of materials, Nordica’s Tri Force Cuff Construction boosts the fit and performance of a boot while minimizing weight.

  • A softer layer at the front of the boot wraps the shin to enhance fit and ensures a smooth flex while skiing and optimizes mobility when hiking
  • The cuff’s mid layer provides lateral support and helps transmit energy and drive power to the edge of the ski
  • An exceptionally stiff outer layer at the heel supports the spine of the boot and the ski-walk mechanism to maximize power, control, and response


Change/switch with confidence

Nordica’s ski-walk mechanism maximizes performance and comfort whether skiing, hiking, or skinning. It reduces weight while pairing exceptional control and response with a tremendous range of motion.

  • Aluminum lock mechanism amplifies the transmission of energy for enhanced control and response
  • Once locked out, the mechanism ensures the boot remains in ski-mode during the descent
  • When unlocked, the mechanism provides a 65 degree range of motion to boost comfort and efficiency while skinning and hiking
  • Mechanism allows forward lean to easily be adjusted to tailor the boot’s fit, comfort, and performance

3D Cork Fit Primaloft Light Liner

3D Cork Fit Primaloft Light Liner

Designed to maximize performance and comfort while also reducing weight, Nordica’s 3D Cork Fit PrimaLoft Light Liner pairs a 3-D custom cork liner with a composite collar that boosts control and response.

  • 3-D shape cradles the contours of your foot to enhance fit and response
  • Strategic use of cork elevates fit and performance while reducing weight
  • Composite collar amplifies energy transmission for greater control and response
  • Liner can readily be thermomolded for a truly custom fit that maximizes comfort and performance

Infrared Technology

Infrared Technology

Infrared Technology has been developed by Nordica with the aim of customizing the boots in the most sensitive point for the skiers. Once you identify the pressure points, you just need to heat the area trough the infrared lamp. In a second step, apply the suction cup to neutralize the pressure in few minutes. Lastly, remove the cup and replace the liner: it's time to jump into the boots and enjoy the ride.

  • Precise custom fit
  • Releases pressure from sensitive areas & bunions


Isotherm is one of the many materials we used to build our liner, well-known to keep the warmth and wicks away the moisture.

  • Feet stay warm
  • Feet stay dry

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Last 99 99 99
Volume Medium Medium Medium
Weight 1680.0 g 1680.0 g 1480.0 g
Soles Gripwalk PU + soles Dynafit® inserts Gripwalk PU + soles Dynafit® inserts Gripwalk Michelin® + soles Dynafit® inserts
Cuff Trimat Triax Trimat Triax Trimat Triax
Liner 3D Cork Fit Primaloft® Light 3D Cork Fit Primaloft® Light 3D Light Performance Fit TF Primaloft®
Technologies Unlimited Soles - Tri Force Cuff Construction - 3D Cork Fit Primaloft Light Liner - Change/switch with confidence - Infrared Technology - Isotherm Unlimited Soles - Tri Force Cuff Construction - 3D Cork Fit Primaloft Light Liner - Change/switch with confidence - Infrared Technology - Isotherm Unlimited Soles - Tri Force Cuff Construction - Change/switch with confidence - 3D Light Performance Fit TF Primaloft Liner - Infrared Technology
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