Let’s Ski
About Nordica

Let’s Ski

It’s for all who don’t just ski, but who love to ski.
For every skier who makes each run one to remember.
And for the people who pass their powder-packed hearts down from one generation to the next. We’re for any and every skier who lives for all-mountain adventure.
This goes out to the boots and the skis that take us out on journeys farther than we ever thought we could go, and bring us closer together than we ever believed we could be.
Together we have created family and fellowship.
Even in the wind-blown face of adversity, we have never given up and we have never given in.
Here’s to following our own compass no matter where it takes us. To doing things our way.

We are Nordica. Trusted since 1939.

I was born on the hills of Montebelluna
where the Northern wind from the Dolomites and the sun rays of the Gulf of Venice meet. It was October 1939 when Adriano and Oddone Vaccari, mountain lovers, brought their experience as craftsmen and leather traders into a new business: mountain boots.
mountain boots
After a few years, my name started to mean not just mountain boots,
but to be bond with the omen of a future, massive success: ski boots. Three years later, in the winter of 1950, Italian Zeno Colo, left for America. On the Rocky Mountains, he became twice Alpine Ski World Champion, bringing me on the top of the world with him.
The progressive minds made me grow,
to become an important choice for skiers seeking perfect fit and precision. First there was leather, then laminated plastic over the liner, aluminium buckles, flex index, and I kept inventing the modern ski boots. By the Eighties, I was the most successful in the entire Alpine ski universe. Lifting all those Crystal globes with Pirmin Zurbriggen became almost a habit.
Formula One
Formula One
At the end of the century, I was by the side of more than half of the World Cup athletes.
Among those, a Norwegian kid, Kjetil André Aamodt with a surprising attitude as medallist and multiple World and Olympic Champion. A true recordman in gaining precious medals, who was also one of the first racers trusting my second life: Skis. I was famous, then… Trusted by the world, as market leader in the industry, and iconic. The Benetton family, my new owners, dressed me in green and made me shine in the world of sports: Formula One racing, offshore, Moto GP, rugby... My name meant snow, but every sportsman, on any field and track, knew me.
Zanatta Olympic
The Zanatta family started to write my story and with their passion I was driven back to the top bringing back Olympic gold medals.
I have the fastest bullets in my gun. Our ambassador Felix Neureuther has just said goodbye to the World Cup, but I’m proudly worn by the South Tyrolean Dominik Paris. He has lived all his life along with me: he won 4 times on the legendary Streif in Kitzbühel. I was again World Champion with him, and back to lift a Crystal globe, just some months ago. This season the Dobermanns are ready to bite again! Now I’m fully grown, and my name shines bright as the earlier years. With the most innovative technologies I became a benchmark again, I’m the fastest growing brand in the ski industry. I keep on writing the history of skiing.
"Because of the passion,
because of the team of people working for Nordica,
Because of love for skiing.

... I’m Nordica."
80 years