Elise Boeuf

Bio & Athlete Information

Hitchhiking, skis on my shoulder !
Riding, anything that moves fast.
Backpacking. Yoga. 

What is your biggest passion? 
Exploring ! 
New lands, new mountains, new faces.

How you got into skiing ? 
You know Romeo and Juliet ? Well Skiing and I had this forbidden passionate relationship when I was young, living in deep French country side. 
Next thing we know, I ran away to the middle of the Alps, TRUE LOVE !
Then Romeo took me to the Andes, the Rockies, the Himalayas, the Craigieburn Range … and it was only the beginning. 

Why do you ski?
Skiing makes my heart beat at the rhythm of the Mountains. 
Trying to be one with the snow and Play. Play. Play.
Wandering around outstanding landscapes all the time and meeting the craziest fellows. It’s a funny mixture between extreme mindfulness and total recklessness.