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Product designed exclusively for women

Whether lapping groomers with friends or simply exploring the mountain, Nordica’s all-new Belle series elevates your skiing. Inspired by decades of research and experience, these skis are tailored to fit your needs. To boost your confidence and provide a ride that’s playful and stable at any speed, Nordica’s all-new Double Core technology sandwiches a shock-absorbing Pulse core between two wood cores. A shorter binding plate maximizes performance by making the ski especially easy to flex. And by lowering the position of the rear plate, Nordica’s Natural Stance technology provides a more natural, centered position that boosts control. Raise your expectations and reimagine your skiing with Nordica’s Belles.

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Natural stance

Designing skis built specifically for women, allowed us to perfect the mounting position to be tailored specifically for women’s anatomical needs. We lowered the binding's heel by 2mm, allowing the skier to hold a more natural and centered position.

  • Perfect balance
  • Improved ski driving