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Wild Belle

Product designed exclusively for women

Nordica’s Wild Belle skis give you the confidence you need to progress your skiing—and have the time of your life. Born from decades of research and experience, the all-new Wild Belle series is tailored to the unique needs of female all-mountain skiers. These skis deliver a fun, playful, and powerful ride that’s stable at any speed. Thanks to a specially designed binding plate, the Wild Belles provide you with a more natural, centered position that enhances control. It also makes the ski especially easy to flex so you can explore the slopes like never before. Tame the entire mountain with Nordica’s Wild Belles.

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Natural stance

Designing skis built specifically for women, allowed us to perfect the mounting position to be tailored specifically for women’s anatomical needs. We lowered the binding's heel by 2mm, allowing the skier to hold a more natural and centered position.

  • Perfect balance
  • Improved ski driving