Dobermann 5 S

Black is the new black

Dobermann 5 S

Black is the new black
Whether you’re gunning for the podium or pursuing the perfect turn on corduroy, the Dobermann 5 S is ready to chase down your dreams. For decades, many of the best racers in the world have relied on Dobermann boots to help them stand atop the podium. The Dobermann 5 S is steeped in this rich lineage, yet it’s been completely reimagined to better meet your needs. Armed with a stiff flex and a 96 mm width, it pairs exceptional performance with all-day comfort, making it a favorite among racers dominating their local league, on-snow professionals, and discerning skiers who demand a boot that takes them to the next level. Inspired by years of research and refinement, this athlete-driven design features a more anatomically correct fit, delivering exceptional precision and response to boost your confidence. Its all-new shell maximizes power and control while the boot’s Bi-Injected Racing Spine provides unparalleled support, creating a smooth forward flex that readily absorbs the terrain. And thanks to the streamlined design of the boot’s liner and shell, the Dobermann 5 S features a reduced length that further boosts your performance. Your dreams are calling–get after them with Nordica’s Dobermann 5 S
Boot Sizing Guide
  • Last: 96
  • Volume: Narrow
  • Size Range: 22.5-29.5
  • Weight (half Pair): 2310.0 g
  • Cuff: PU
  • Shell: PU
  • Soles: Not replaceable - Alpine DIN 5355
  • Buckles: 2 Micro ALU Scr.;2 Micro ALU Scr.
  • Liner: Dobermann 5 Race laced
Target User

Dobermann 5 / Technologies



Pairing convenience with exceptional performance, we developed an entirely new sole for the Dobermann collection. Thanks to this new design, it’s no longer necessary to mill the boot’s soles. With a height tailored to the ISO 5355 standard, the Dobermann soles are ready to click into your bindings straight out of the box. And to promote an intuitive, uniform approach to sizing, we’ve abandoned the traditional UK sizing system in favor of the Mondopoint standard

  • Soles 5mm shorter (all sizes)
  • Solid soles ISO 5355 standard
  • New lifters 3mm / 4mm / 5mm

Soles Soles


Bi-Injected Spine

Especially stiff, Nordica’s Bi-Injected Spine uses two different stiffnesses of plastic to deliver unparalleled support and a smooth forward flex that absorbs the terrain.

  • The specially-designed spine makes recoveries easier
  • Bi-injected design offers support while also providing a smooth forward flex
  • Customizable flex allows you to control the transmission of energy to maximize response

Bi-Injected Spine Bi-Injected Spine
High and Low Wedges

High and Low Wedges

The high and low wedges included with the Dobermann provide an out-of-the-box solution for adjusting ramp angle, enabling you to easily customize the boot’s fit and performance.

  • High and low wedges allow you to readily adjust the boot’s ramp angle
  • Wedges enable you to customize the boot’s fit and performance for enhanced control

Dual Setting Quick Spoiler

To allow you to further customize the Dobermann’s fit and performance, the liner includes a spoiler with an interlocking, two-piece design. Use both spoiler components for maximum forward lean or remove the auxiliary insert to reduce it.

  • Greater precision and control

Dynamic Strap

Dynamic Strap

Armed with an eye for detail–and a desire to capitalize on every opportunity to enhance performance–we created an entirely new power strap for the latest Dobermann collection. Each Dynamic Power Strap contains a specific number of elastic bands that are woven together and tailored to the unique flex and design of each boot in the Dobermann collection. These improved straps maximize rebound while boosting control and response

  • 2 set up: 3 and 2 elastic bands

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Dobermann 5 M compare
Dobermann 5 M L.C. compare
Last 96 96 96
Volume Narrow Narrow Narrow
Weight 2310.0 g 2310.0 g 2060.0 g
Soles Not replaceable - Alpine DIN 5355 Not replaceable - Alpine DIN 5355 Not replaceable - Alpine DIN 5355
Liner Dobermann 5 Race laced Dobermann 5 Race laced Dobermann 5 Race laced L.C.
Technologies High and Low Wedges - Soles - Dual Setting Quick Spoiler - Dynamic Strap - Bi-Injected Spine High and Low Wedges - Soles - Dual Setting Quick Spoiler - Dynamic Strap - Bi-Injected Spine High and Low Wedges - Soles - Bi-Injected Spine
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