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Delay Your Arrival

A 2020 series by Nordica free ride athlete Essex Prescott

A vague set of plans, the open road, and a quest to explore at a slower pace sent us on a twisting journey through 2020. Hokkaido to British Columbia, Powder days and a global pandemic, decisions on the fly and no true destination, this is Delay Your Arrival.


A turning point in the season and the last time any of us have been to Canada. The BC leg was a true boys trip as we introduced our team manager, Joe, to the ins and outs of a film trip. With endless snow pillows, more than a few snowmobile incidents, and classic Whistler weather we were able to get a taste of just about everything the Coast Mountains have to offer. Whistler will always have a warm place in my heart.


The birthplace of my ski dreams, Hokkaido has always lived up to the hype and was a definite stopping point along the journey. We were greeted with a blizzard and the Outback’s overseas cousin on our way to home base, Skye Niseko. Day or night the powder frenzy ensued as we explored all the island had to offer. It was a truly dreamy and foreign experience as the days, rice triangles, and ski locations blended together. Perma-smile doesn’t come close to describing the mood, we were lucky enough to complete the journey right before the pandemic, crossing fingers to get back soon.


Close to home and a staple of any West Coast road trip, Oregon was on our list of locations to explore. Rumors of a “Super Storm” developing caught our attention, we five packed the Outback with both ski and surf gear and embarked on a trip into the center of the storm. Super storm was an understatement as power went out, resorts shut down, and we found ourselves on foot, in the woods, skiing some of the deepest powder of the season. Thoroughly satisfied we continued to the coast to try our hand at the high seas.


As borders were shutting, resorts were closing, and trips were getting cancelled the general sense of confusion, panic, and hysteria left things unknown as to what the future held. With no true direction we turned off the phones, entered the mountains, and killed time in the best way we knew how, coulie mission at the local watering hole. There were many spring plans on the docket but unknown to us at the time, this was the last real trip of our season. After multiple Instagram Lives, lots of Netflix, and way to much downtime we were able to sneak one final mission late in the season. It was bittersweet to get some great turns but also realize what we had missed in the previous month. The 2021 season was very unknown at that point and the turns we gathered that day were cherished. Summer came and Timberline opened, we loaded up and hit the road for some much-needed time on snow and a glimpse into what the 2021 season would hold.

Note* These travels took place prior to and post stressful Covid-19 situations. All travel was done responsibly, abiding by Local, State, and CDC guidelines without placing anybody in threatening or jeopardizing situations.

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