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With 2020 behind us we looked into the future of travel and skiing. Realizing some of our finest gems have been right beneath our noses, we set off on a journey into our own backyards. The quest to find something new within the familiar, this is ‘Neck of the Woods’, two stories about two skiers and the landscapes that shaped them into who they are today.


Montana is known for its remote landscapes and towering mountains. Maria Lovely is a charismatic and rugged 6th generation Montanan, who grew up in the foothills of Big Sky. Her childhood was shaped in the outdoors and skiing was a mechanism of competition, adventure, and fun. Whether its ranching, hunting, flying, or skiing, Maria and her father, Mike, are most often found together doing what they love in the backyard that many dream of.

Photos By:@Brooks Curran

Freeride athlete and photographer Brooks Curran gives us a closer look into his life of skiing in Vermont. From tight trees, ice, and occasional powder, there's nothing quite like the Northeast and its diehard skiing community.

Tag along with Brooks and Essex and see why Vermont is a truly special skiers paradise.

Photos By:@DaveTrumporePhoto