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Crafted Episode 2: Enforcer Re-Invented

Produced in partnership with Powder Magazine. Words by: Sierra Shafer. Photo: by Simon Rainer

In episode 2 of Powder’s video series CRAFTED, we returned to Europe and stopped off in the Arlberg, home of professional skier Stefan Häusl, who worked with Nordica Ski Product Manager Florian “Flo” Seer to help develop two new skis in the Enforcer lineup.


For 2021, Nordica replaces the Enforcer 93 with an all-new Enforcer 94; and, for the first time since it’s inception, redesigns the Enforcer 100 as a more playful performance model.

To trust your material, to trust your ski in particular is so important. Now it’s smoother, same performance, but more playful.
Skiing is so interesting for me because it keeps me young and keeps me playing and keeps me like a kid.

Stefan Häusl


”Big news for the whole line is that we really adjust the contact length and rocker depth of tip and tail to each size and to each waist width.
This is resulting that every size is really skiing like it should be”

Florian Seer: Product manager

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