HF 110 (GW)

Keep Skiing
050K12003F1Black / Anthracite / Red
Performance made easy. Guided by this mantra, the HF 110 caters to all skiers who just wants to keep skiing. Equipped with our beloved 3D cork liner, both liner and shell can readily be customized for a more personalized fit. As comfortable as it is responsive, it’s a performance-oriented recreational boot. Enjoy your day, all day from your first to your last run.
  • Last: 102
  • Volume: Medium Wide
  • Weight (half Pair): 1760.0 g
  • Size Range: 24.0 - 31.0
  • Cuff: Bimat PU
  • Shell: PU
  • Soles: Gripwalk Extra-Grip
  • Buckles: Multifunction System;1 ALU
  • Liner: 3D Cork Fit Primaloft®
Target User

HF / Technologies


HF back buckle closure system

Light, good looking, but especially sleek and well designed. The monolock buckle has never been so intuitive: it’s just a matter of pushing it down with your foot and you are ready to ski. At the end of your day, you can use your pole or the special poles we designed perfectly matching the HF buckle to open the back buckle while you remain standing, without having to bend over.

  • Hands free
  • Less fatigue


HF easy entry shell

HF line presents the Easy Entry Shell, a system which allows the boots to open 40 degrees, so your foot slides right in.

  • Easier to step into
  • easy to get out
  • Comfort


3D Custom Cork Liner

3D Custom Cork Liner is equipped with the natural cork material which covers the heel surface, an essential part in providing lateral transmission. This responsive material also provides thermal insulation, keeping your feet always warm and dry. Lastly, it's easily customizable to reach the best fit and precision.

  • Precise custom fit
  • Increases warmth
  • Shock absorption
  • Increases control

Infrared Technology

Infrared Technology

Infrared Technology has been developed by Nordica with the aim of customizing the boots in the most sensitive point for the skiers. Once you identify the pressure points, you just need to heat the area trough the infrared lamp. In a second step, apply the suction cup to neutralize the pressure in few minutes. Lastly, remove the cup and replace the liner: it's time to jump into the boots and enjoy the ride.

  • Precise custom fit
  • Releases pressure from sensitive areas & bunions

Double Axis Pivot

The cuff and the shell of the new HF are uniquelly designed to provide the perfect closure between the cuff parts and the shell. The alignment between the two provides unmatchable lateral support for immediate ski response. This means easier turns, more stability, perfect control and more fun.

    I.V.C. Instep volume control

    I.V.C. Instep volume control

    Instep Volume Control is a red insert placed in the wedge, easily visible in the heel area. By rotating this insert, it allows a quick and easy fit adjustment reducing or increasing the volume by +/- 4mm.

    • Custom Fit
    • Increases control



    Originally designed for the US military, PrimaLoft® insulation is permanently water-resistant. It retains its insulating and lightweight properties for warmth and comfort, even when wet. This is the best synthetic insulation available.

    • Keeps feet warm
    • Keeps feet dry

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    Last 102 102 100
    Volume Medium Wide Medium Wide Medium
    Weight 1760.0 g 1850.0 g 1910.0 g
    Soles Gripwalk Extra-Grip Gripwalk Extra-Grip Gripwalk Extra-Grip
    Cuff Bimat PU Bimat PU Bimat PU
    Liner 3D Cork Fit Primaloft® 3D Cork Fit Primaloft® Performance 3D Cork Fit Primaloft®
    Technologies HF back buckle closure system - HF easy entry shell - Infrared Technology - Double Axis Pivot - I.V.C. Instep volume control - 3D Custom Cork Liner - Primaloft® HF back buckle closure system - HF easy entry shell - Infrared Technology - Double Axis Pivot - I.V.C. Instep volume control - 3D Custom Cork Liner - Power Driver - Primaloft® 3 Force Technology - Infrared Technology - High Performance Cork - 3 Force Honeycomb Shell - 3D Custom Cork Liner - Isotherm - Primaloft®

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