The Cruise 100

Elevate your experience

The Cruise 100

Elevate your experience
05065002243Anthracite / Black / White
Comfort, confidence, and performance—the Cruise 100 provides everything you need to unleash your potential. With an emphasis on progression, its wider fit and softer shell are forgiving while its streamlined, anatomical shape maximizes control and response. Thanks to its Dual soft flap instep, the boot’s throat opens exceptionally wide, making the Cruise 100 incredibly easy to put on and take off. To help create a neutral stance that improves balance and minimizes fatigue, the boot’s cuff can be fine-tuned to better cradle the contours of your calf. And to further enhance comfort and performance, the boot’s liner and shell can readily be customized. The mountains are calling—embrace them with the Cruise 100.
Boot Sizing Guide
  • Last: 104
  • : Wide
  • Size Range: 24.0-32.5
  • Weight (half Pair): 1660.0 g
  • Cuff: Triax
  • Shell: Triax
  • Soles: 5355 PU
  • Buckles: 2 Micro ALU;2 Micro ALU
  • Liner: Comfort Fit
Target User

Cruise / Technologies

Easy Entry Soft Flap

Soft plastic inserts integrated into the throat allow for easy step in and step out of the boot.

    I.V.C. Instep volume control

    I.V.C. Instep volume control

    Instep Volume Control is a red insert placed in the wedge, easily visible in the heel area. By rotating this insert, it allows a quick and easy fit adjustment reducing or increasing the volume by +/- 4mm.

    • Custom Fit
    • Increases control

    Adjustable Cuff Profile

    The Adjustable Cuff Profile is a simple system that allows to increase the cuff volume. Thanks to the double screws on the upper backside, every skier can easily customize the fit, finding the right comfort.

    • Comfort
    • Performance

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    Last 104 104 102
    Wide Wide Medium Wide
    Weight 1660.0 g 1940.0 g 1970.0 g
    Soles 5355 PU Extra-Grip Gripwalk Extra-Grip
    Cuff Triax PU PU
    Liner Comfort Fit Performance Fit Primaloft® 3D Performance Fit Primaloft®
    Technologies Easy Entry Soft Flap - I.V.C. Instep volume control - Adjustable Cuff Profile Easy Entry Soft Flap - Infrared Technology - I.V.C. Instep volume control - Adjustable Cuff Profile Easy Entry Soft Flap - Infrared Technology - Adjustable Cuff Profile - Tri Force Shell Construction - Grip Walk Soles - 3D Custom Cork Liner - Isotherm - Primaloft®

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