Ski Bible

The Liner

After dealing with the topic of injection, the production system used to craft shells, time has come to discover the secrets of the liner, other constitutive element of the boot.

The shoe denotes significant importance, being the component that comes into direct contact with the foot throughout the day. Working in perfect symbiosis with the hull, it has seen an evolutionary process of its own, changing incessantly over time, aiming to adapt to any style of skiing and morphological trait of skiers.

The shoe, which at first sight has the appearance of a boot, is formed by an anatomical structure that wraps the foot, till about halfway up the calf; and from the tongue that overlaps the neck and continues along the tibia. Similarly to the shell, which is molded using different plastic densities, the liner is also made of various materials, as a result of constant research that aims to discover the most effective, functional and innovative solutions. Most of these elements are still handcrafted today, keeping intact the noble manufacturing tradition of the area where Nordica has its roots, a refined art that shaped our history.

The selected materials are subjected to numerous tests that stress their properties to the limit, in order to measure effectiveness and rate of resistance, which must meet certain performance standards, implied by the extreme temperatures and forces applied. Each element has a purpose and must be functional to a specific area of ​​the foot.

The heel, which has a major role in guiding the ski and is essential in the transmission of impulses, requires stability and precision. For years, to satisfy this need, we have decided to use a cork coating.

This element is mainly known for its waterproof qualities, thus explaining the undisputed monopoly of corks among wineries all over the world, allowing the most fervent winemakers to play with visual art and display wine bottles in the most creative ways. However, there are other properties that are less renowned, such as elasticity and resilience, or the ability to absorb shocks and vibrations, making the membrane extremely stable and receptive. Its malleability, which allows it to adapt to the irregularities of the foot, is a feature that ensures excellent results in the thermoforming of the liner, which can be customized in just 8 minutes thanks to the Cork Oven, which you can find in the best specialized shops. Finally, the cork is recognized to be a good thermal conductor, therefore it ensures constant heat flows and insulates the foot from the underneath layer. Most of our models are equipped with a 3D Custom Cork liner, which has recently taken on a brand new black color in the Speedmachine and Sportmachine family. A captivating and aggressive aesthetic, which does not compromise the countless advantages of this material.

Another fabric that is used in the production of many of our shoes is Primaloft, whose reliability is also proven by the most prestigious winter clothing brands.

It is a material steeped in history and innovation, which recalls our values ​​and guiding principles, defining the history of our boots. For our shoes, the choice could only fall on the excellence of Primaloft, which is produced using tiny microfibers that are different from each other and serve different purposes. The denser weave is designed to store heat, acting as a thermal regulator based on the external climate, to keep the feet in an ideal and constant state of comfort. Further in the process, hydrophobic textile fibers are added, ensuring resistance to water infiltration, and other thinner ones that contribute to the unmatched feeling of softness.

The back of the foot, excluding the rear heel area, is a delicate point that requires comfort and warmth.

In relation to comfort, the pieces of the mosaic start coming together, keeping in mind that in correspondence with this area of ​​the foot, the bi-injected shell is made of intermediate density plastic, the right compromise between comfort and precision. Long days on skis often put a strain on our resistance to cold and penetrating humidity. To overcome these adversities, over the years we have developed a fabric that takes the name of Isotherm. It is a water repellent membrane that guarantees breathability, keeping the foot dry.

Eager to make improvements to shoes and meet the needs of increasingly informed and sensitive skiers,

our Research and Development department is constantly engaged in the attempt to find ingenious innovations, aware that the success of a great product is hidden in the details. One of these is the double Eva insert in the liner of the new Speedmachine 3 130, a plastic component that, combined with cork, enhances the dialogue between liner and shell, further perfecting the exchange of impulses.

To complete this general overview, it is interesting to remember that each line of our collection features a shoe specifically dedicated to the type of skier it refers to.

A racing boot, designed for athletes or lovers of a competitive set-up, is equipped with a shoe with buttonholes to allow lacing and ensure greater adherence between the tibia and tongue. Taking the two extremes as a yardstick, our boots, which you will find in rental shops, have a specially designed shoe with fabrics that facilitate the sanitation process, before being suitable for subsequent use.

For an unparalleled feeling of comfort, in order to face the coldest days, we have also introduced the Therm-ic Powered Heat liner on the HF Elite, equipped with a Bluetooth system to keep your feet warm along the day.

There are also slight differences in the distinction of gender, where the shoes of the female models are covered in the upper part of the leg with an extremely soft touch surface, ideal for wrapping the calf in a feeling of absolute comfort.

The liner is a pivotal component around which the development of any new boot revolves. Nordica relentlessly focuses on innovation, relying on the manufacturing excellence of the district where the brand headquarters are located. The hemming and skiving, noble techniques rigorously performed by hand, have over the years become a symbol of quality and resistance.

Unmistakable traits that accompany the two main novelties for the upcoming season: Dobermann 5 and Unlimited.

Concealed inside the revolutionary shell, this all-new liner is equally essential in amplifying the Dobermann’s legendary performance. Armed with newly patented technology, our Heel Link showcases a band stitched at the back of the liner heel and connected directly to the lacing system. Securing the laces tightens the liner in all directions, anchoring your heel back into the heel pocket and perfectly cradling the contours of your foot. This design enables us to use a thinner material for the liner and create a shorter overall profile for the boot, reducing its sole length by 5 mm.

The liner’s thinner upper enhances sensitivity to create a more responsive boot while a slim Velcro closure ensures the upper part of the liner moves in tandem with your tibia. And thanks to the lower liner’s strategic lacing system, the boot cradles the contours of your foot without creating pressure points. To allow you to further customize the Dobermann’s fit and performance, the liner includes a spoiler with an interlocking, two-piece design. Use both spoiler components for maximum forward lean or remove the auxiliary insert to reduce it. Better than ever, the new Heel Link Liner is as fast as it is fearless.

A boot’s fit and performance alike start with its liners. And our new Unlimited liners are the product of the same commitment to innovation and relentless refinement that shape their shells. To create liners that enrich your adventures, we aimed to reduce their weight without compromising precision and response. To better meet your needs, we also developed two distinct liners. Both feature a 3-D shape that matches the contours of your foot and are thermomoldable for a truly custom fit.

They also showcase PrimaLoft insulation for additional warmth. For those looking for optimal performance on the approach, our 3-D Light Performance Fit TF PrimaLoft liner weighs only 280 grams. It’s truly at ease climbing the longest and most demanding slopes. And for skiers looking for maximum downhill performance, our 3D Corkfit PrimaLoft Light liner provides unparalleled control and response in an all-mountain touring boot. Both Unlimited liners are also PVC-free for a reduced impact on the environment. Whether you’re lapping the resort or miles from it, our liners keep you smiling.

A good habit to preserve the liner over time is to remove it from the shell at the end of the day, and especially at the end of the season, before storing materials until the following winter. It is recommended to keep them away from heat sources, a dry place with a low humidity index will suffice. By doing so the shoe will keep the shape of your foot and it will be easier to start wearing it again when you return to the track.