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Discover the new HF Pro

Uncover the pinnacle of comfort and convenience with Nordica's HF Pro Collection. Effortlessly slip them on and off with a user-friendly closure system that perfectly conforms to your foot's unique shape. With a refined and modern design, these boots excel in providing the control and confidence you seek. Nordica's HF Pro Collection give you the power to ski with unwavering control and unmatched confidence while ensuring unparalleled comfort, so you can relish each and every run with a lasting smile.

HF Pro Men

HF Pro 130

Ski the terrain you want–in the comfort you need–with Nordica’s HF Pro 130. Designed for quick and easy entry and exit, conforming smoothly to your feet for a snug fit.

HF Pro 110

The mountains are calling–and Nordica’s HF Pro 110 answers with comfort and confidence. Especially easy to put on and take off, these boots feature an intuitive closure system that cradles the contours of your feet.

HF Pro Women

HF Pro 105 W

Pursue your passion in comfort with Nordica’s HF Pro 105 W. Thanks to an intuitive closure system, these boots cradle the contours of your feet and are especially easy to put on and take off.

HF Pro 95 W

Comfort reigns supreme with Nordica’s HF Pro 95 W. Designed to be especially easy to put on and take off, the boot features an intuitive closure system that cradles the contours of your foot.

the new
HF PRO features

HF Pro
Closure System

HF Pro Adjustable
Cable Length

HF Pro Wiring
Cable Buckle

HF Pro Adjustable
Cuff Profile (ACP)

HF Pro
Tri Force

HF Pro New
Gripwalk Sole

The new HF Pro series

HF Pro 130 GW


HF Pro 110 GW

Light Blue/white/green

HF Pro 105 W GW


HF Pro 95 W GW


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