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New Enforcer

A New Dawn of All-Terrain Skiing

Since its debut, the Enforcer family has emerged as one of the most award-winning ski collections of all time. Yet, we could not stop there. We were committed to refinement, inspired to reimagine, & continuously searching to make the best better. This led us to build on the revered performance of the Enforcer family, with an evolved shape that is truly at ease in all-terrain. With its enhanced design - which embeds both a wood core and an elastomer Pulse core between two layers of titanal–these legendary skis are smoother, more playful, and more versatile than ever. They’re ready to ski anything–and everything–from first chair to last.

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New Shape

We’ve refined the rocker on this collection and dialed up the control so you can play on your terms at all speeds, in any type of terrain. 


    Energy 2 TI Pulse Core

    Smooth, confident, and stable, Nordica’s Enforcer construction embeds both a wood core and an elastomer Pulse core between two layers of titanal. This construction is incredibly responsive and amplifies performance and fun.

    • Exceptional response maximizes precision and control
    • Dampens vibrations for a smooth and supple ride


    True Tip

    By trimming the amount of heavy ABS plastic in the tip and extending the lightweight wood core into this area with a taper that further reduces weight, we enhanced playfulness and maneuverability of the ski without compromising that unmatchable feeling of powerful and control. The next generation is upon us.

    • Lighter
    • Smoother
    • More maneuverable


    Base Graphic Explained

    The running base design has a specific geometric shape to show two features of the ski: A horizontal cut indicates where the rocker starts.The intersection of the diagonal cut with the edge shows the widest point of sidecut for full engagement of the edge.

      Base Graphic Explained Base Graphic Explained