Give Your Old Ski Boots
A Second Life

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Plastic Waste Is A Problem


Recycle Your Boots was born from the consciousness that our society globally is producing an enormous quantity of waste and that plastic has become a big problem for our planet, as big as a continent.


Old ski boots often end up in a dump or are burned in waste-to-energy plants. In most of the cases, anyway, there is much room to extend their cycle of life, to avoid treating them as simple “waste”.


We make possible for anyone to bring us their old ski boots, of any brand. Tecnica Group will recycle them in a transparent and sustainable process.

Be Part Of The Solution


We collect them. Bring your old pair of alpine ski boots, from any brand, to one of our RYB collection points across Europe.


We give your ski boots a second life. Upon an initial assessment, few of them might be reintroduced into second-hand market through social inclusion initiatives.


We recycle them. We developed the first-ever ski boot recycling system. Up to 85% of the materials composing a ski boot are transformed into new resources used into new ski boots, skis and footwear.

It’s easy to get tricked into thinking that nothing we do as an individual will make a difference. That’s wrong. We, as skiers and end consumer, must do our best to defend and preserve the world we live in. Our industry is ski industry, and we are going to start here.


Recycling The Liner

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Eco Design

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Recycling Digital Passport

Our ski boots are made to be recycled. If plastics were sorted from the early beginning into more homogeneous stocks (based on type and mechanical-driven properties), we could have a better quality of secondary raw materials, with more and more possible new applications to replace virgin plastics. That’s way the Recycling Digital Passport was conceived for.

We are at the beginning of a new way of conceiving the ski boot life cycle. recycle your boots is not the final answer, not yet, but it is a site of constant innovation.


The life-recycle your boots project has received funding from the life programme of the european union