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Celebrate Your Community


Not everybody had the opportunity that I had and that's a huge driving force for me to try and give back to a sport that has given me so much." - Carl Rixon Jr. In a little town in Idaho, two friends have made it their mission to make the world of skiing more accessible to everyone in their community. They have dedicated countless hours and tireless efforts to bring this small local hill back to life, which has now become a meeting ground for families to enjoy the sport of skiing in a way like never before.

Please accept marketing-cookies to watch this video.
Please accept marketing-cookies to watch this video.
"I smile everyday thinking about what this is going to create for somebody."

Carl Rixon Jr.
"The DNA of snow sports hasn’t been inclusive. Let’s get kids involved in snow sports whose parents can't teach them how to do it."

Scotty McGrew
"Skiing is our happy place and it's trickled down to our boys and now it's fun to do it as a family"

Erika Rixon
"As adults we all have the same daily grind, we're all doing it. It's just what we do with the rest of our time ... I choose to go into the mountains and breathe fresh air."

Carl Rixon