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Since Adriano and Oddone Vaccari first began stitching fine Italian leather into quality footwear in Montebelluna, Italy more than 75 years ago, Nordica’s only focus has been building the absolute best product possible for your feet.

Tested and inspired by the rugged beauty of the Alps, the brand’s many innovations and performance breakthroughs have spanned generations, and been born of equal parts advanced science and love of sport.

From the radical transformations of the ’60s, like buckles, raised cuffs, and plastics to giant leaps forward in integrated balance like the XBI system in 2006, the EDT in 2008, and the revolutionary Torsion bridge and Cork liner technologies,

Nordica’s passion has been about maximizing performance while improving comfort. All the while, that original ideal of family, athletes, engineers, testers, and designers all working together toward one collective goal, has been what sets Nordica apart. It is a history built on enhancing the experience of skiers everywhere, from the foot up.

As Nordica continues to carve the leading edge in ski and boot technology, we invite you to follow our journey online. Experience the company’s rich history and heritage and get an inside look at the athletes that are pushing the brand into the future with digital updates throughout the season on Nordica Backstage.

Follow unique stories, news, videos, and more, while taking a step into Nordica’s World and the movement that has helped shape skiing for over seven decades.

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