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The Beauty of Balsa

Wood cores are a staple of ski technology. Nordica is taking it a step further, advancing ski technology by implementing a balsa wood core into our women Belle collection skis.


Balsa originates in Brazil and Bolivia, but Ecuador supplies the world with more than 95% of the world’s balsa wood. The wood is known for it’s lightweight and stiff properties. Balsa is one of the fastest growing trees in the world, making it more sustainable than most woods. It was once used in full-sized wooden airplanes. Nordica is using it now in your skis. 

The Balsa Core is a microlam construction made up of many thin balsa wood stringers stacked side by side, which provide a strong and damp metal like feeling at an extremely light weight. This damp feeling is what gives you confidence when you push the ski to its limits, and it’s what provides that extra level of edge grip when snow conditions get firm.

Balsa has the highest strength to weight ratio of any hardwood, giving Nordica skis a stiff performing ski in the lightest weight imaginable.


To learn more, please enjoy the video found here.  



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