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An interview with florian seer, nordica ski product manager

We went behind the scenes at Nordica’s beautiful home base in the Italian Alps to talk shop with Nordica ski product manager Florian Seer.

What motivates you?
Working with a motivated team on innovative products—as well as being faced with new challenges—makes the job thrilling every day.

What do you like best about working at Nordica?
Events with our clients. It’s always good to get direct feedback. Plus, these events keep us up to date with the needs of the market, and give us a clear view of where we should focus future projects.

Why is Italy so important to product development at Nordica?
Italy is known for style, design, and innovation in graphics. Having our team based there—close to the fashion trends—helps steer us in the right direction.

How do Nordica skis benefit from the company’s legendary innovations in ski boot design?
Purchasing both skis and boots from a single supplier has become more and more important for our clients. From that perspective, the sales of Nordica boots have always helped our ski sales.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your work?
Skiing the prototypes, and finishing with the feeling that we’ve created something truly special!

(Edited by Lori Knowles)

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