Dust off your boots. Get ready to click in

3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Boots this Season

Pants, sweatshirts, shorter days, changing leaves… 

yup summer is coming to an end! Time to get ready for ski season. Don’t let that first powder day catch you off guard sending you on a wild goose chase throughout your house in search of your ski boots, only to find them full of birdseed from your summer mouse guests.
Get ready now, because the powder will be here soon. 


TIP 1:

Find your boots and make sure they still fit. If they’re new, spend some time in them by the pool or on the patio to help form that fresh liner to your foot shape.


TIP 2:

Check your soles, if they’re worn out go to your local shop and have them examine them and replace if necessary. Not only does this increase the life of your boots, but worn out soles can cause improper binding release. 


TIP 3:

If your boots are over 5 years old, you should consider getting in a new pair. Materials and technology have come a long way… You will have a better ski day and your feet will thank you. 

Lean more about how our Machine Family can help better your ski day. 


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