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Italian Dominik Paris is built for speed. He entered the realm of legends on January 26, 2013, when he won the Hahnenkamm downhill on the storied Streif course, then confirmed his skills with a silver medal in Schladming, Austria, at the World Championshi

—Dominik Paris

But life on snow hasn’t been easy for the 26-year-old Italian ski racer. His wins on the World Cup in 2013 were overshadowed by the death of his brother in a motorcycle accident in June of that year. His fight on the circuit to stay in the top 10 the following season was heroic, made sweeter by his early-season win at Lake Louise.

Through interviews and Paris’ own comments online, we’ve learned more about what this Italian ski racer loves the most in life, how his struggles have forced him to re-focus, and how much he respects working with Nordica skis and boots over the past decade.

Dominik, how did you get started in ski racing?
As a ski instructor, my father was a hugely passionate skier, which is why he put me on skis at the age of three and a half, and devoted a great deal of effort to teaching me. I was crazy about it from the very first day, and only wanted to ski more. At six years of age, I contested my first race, and from this moment on I wanted to be a racer.

It hasn’t always been easy for you—tell us about your journey.
Between the ages of 16 and 18 I earned a bit of extra money during the summer months as a bricklayer, but unfortunately the work meant that there was less time for training. Of course, I didn’t want to miss out on partying with my friends, either, and so skiing fell by the wayside a bit, as did the good results. To get out of the dead end, at the age of 18 and without further ado, I decided to leave my beloved home and spend 100 days—one whole summer—on an alp in Switzerland working as a herdsman, before returning to the ski circuit with new strength and conviction.

How did working as a hersdman help your ski racing?
Despite all the hard work on the pastures, I always trained very hard. This was a turning point in my life; I came back home feeling fit, with a clear head and having rediscovered my enthusiasm for skiing.


You experienced great loss following your stellar 2013 season.
At the end of the (2013) season I finished third overall in the World Cup downhill standings. These were unforgettable experiences for me and a great source of satisfaction. However, this pleasure was quickly overshadowed as fate dealt a heavy blow on the 21st of June, 2013, when my brother was killed in a motorbike accident. Life has to go on though, and by training hard I will try to do my best and stay with the frontrunners.

How does that sense of work and family extend to being part of the Nordica team? 
I have skied with Nordica for more than 11 years. I like their products and the staff works very hard. I trust this company.

When you have total trust in your equipment, how does it enhance the ski racing experience for you?
When I have good feeling with the skis and I trust my equipment, I can ski faster because I can concentrate totally on my performance and on the race. 


Favourite racecourse?

Favourite ski town?
Beaver Creek

Best race day breakfast?
Bread with Nutella

Favourite song?
I don’t have a favourite song, but I have a favourite band: Pantera

Story is based on past interviews with Nordica and the athlete’s biography at

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