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Nordica Ambassador Profile: Katia Griffiths



“I never really had any heroes growing up,” says Spanish skiing sensation, Katia Griffiths. “I’m inspired by anyone that dreams, fights for a good cause, follows their own path and remains humble when they succeed; that, and my mom for being a role model in strength and courage.”

British-born Katia grew up in sunny Spain. When she was five, her mom took her skiing in Andorra, and so began a lifelong love affair that has seen Katia transition from rank novice to certified instructor, ranked freerider, Olympic slopestyler (halfpipe), sports model and, most recently, Nordica Ambassador.

Says Katia, “doing a bit of everything when I was younger helped me gain a good base. Later on, one of my trainers was a former gymnast, so we trained in gymnastics and on trampolines.”

While in New Zealand, a friend and competitive freeride skier encouraged Katia to compete. “I placed third which helped me gain my first sponsor,” she says. “That encouraged me to keep going before switching to the halfpipe.

“I was always drawn to jumping and learning new tricks,” she says. “Back in the day, there weren’t many girls competing, so I’d ski with the boys and learn from them. Watching videos of Sarah Burke inspired me to compete.”

One day, a friend pushed Katia into trying the halfpipe. “I didn’t enjoy it much at first,” she says,  “but it was a challenge and I stuck to it.” That stick-to-it-ness eventually led Katia to the World Cup circuit and the realization of a childhood dream: competing in the Olympics. At Sochi, Katia became Spain’s first ranked Olympic halfpipe skier.

For Katia, success comes from always learning, having fun and finding the right balance. “While competing in pipe, I didn’t have a lot of time for freeriding,” she says.



“It’s important to focus, but it’s also good to have a balance. The stress of getting results and dealing with injuries can get you down. Taking a step back made me appreciate the mountains and skiing on a new level. There’s nothing like a good powder day with a bunch of friends. That feeling is really what it’s all about”

Today, Katia says, “I’m lucky to have a couple of brands that support me. I do other sport and fitness modeling, as well as adventure shoots. And I teach skiing whenever I can.”

Last year, the Nordica Freeski Team sent Katia some skis and boots to try. “I loved them,” she says, “so we’ve been working together since then.” Her favorites are the Santa Ana 110. 




Says Katia, “It’s the best ski I’ve skied in a long time. It’s really fun, light and stable and handles any condition well.”

As a Nordica Ambassador, Katia says, “I’d like to encourage more girls to ski, be active and enjoy the mountains and nature. Nordica is doing a great job with their women’s range and is committed to developing their products. It’s great to work with a company that believes in supporting women in the sport.”

The important thing, says Katia, “is to follow your heart, remember to have fun along the way and make the most of every opportunity. If you’re passionate enough and put in the work, you will make it happen.”




“[Santa Ana 110] It’s the best ski I’ve skied in a long time.
It’s really fun, light and stable and handles any condition well.”


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