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Hi, who are you and how old are you?
My name is Issei Suzuki. I am 11 years old. And I am an alpine ski racer.


From Japan to Europe just to ski, why did you take this singular decision?
I want to be the fastest alpine ski racer in the world. I want to learn from the world top racers in Europe and learn language, too, so I’m better prepared when I race in Europe. My parents understand my will and sent me to Europe in during the summer holidays.


How was Les 2 Alps this summer?
I stayed there seven weeks. At first, I worried because I didn’t know anyone in Les 2 Alps, but everyone is very friendly. At end of my time there, I made a lot of friends. The owner of the apartment we stayed gave me a room and a table for ski waxing. Lauren, tennis club owner, gave me a tennis coat and also found a partner and a coach for me so I could train tennis a lot during my stay.

I took part in four local tournaments of Les 2 Alps and got four trophies by end of my stay. The trophies are all very nice memories and souvenirs for me. I am happy most of the friendships made with many French tennis players there.


What could you tell us about the training and with whom have you done them?
In the first weeks, I joined with the Korean team. From 5:30 a.m. we waited for the first gondola. The Korean team has a happy atmosphere. Thanks to Kudo san, the coach of the Korean team. He went up to the glacier with me even on the days his team had an off day. The other Korean coaches were also very kind to me and encouraged me.

After 2 weeks, Team Nakagawa Racing arrived from Japan. I’ve known him and his racers for a long time. I could train in very relaxed atmosphere. He brought me to Grenoble to show me some French culture. He has always believed me and my potential to become a good racer. I appreciate him a lot!

The last three weeks I trained with Italian teams. I needed to encourage myself at the beginning. They taught me very important points intentionally with little English and body language until I totally could understand.

Special thanks to the lift man, Davido, he talked me every morning. He talked to everyone around him like that, "Hey! Look at the Japanese boy…a very good racer!!" 


Thank you Davido, because of you many people talked to me during my stay!


And what about your training’ techniques?
I had a special formula to improve. It is a smooth cross-over with earlier timing before the gate to get the line to attack the next gate. I observed good racers and tried it by myself with a different approach. I got a better feeling but I clearly understand some reasons why I failed it through the video meeting session.


How long have you skied with Nordica and why did you decide to choose ?
I began to use NORDICA skis last summer. I brought 5 pairs of 3 different brands from Japan to decide the best one. NORDICA skis are very flexible, good snow grip and very easy to handle, so I thought I can ski faster with NORDICA. I can’t wait for the winter. I want to ski with NORDICA!


What do you like to be or do when you grow up, when you’re an adult?
My goal in the future is to become a great alpine racer and getting the crystal globe. I am interested in everything related to skiing, so I want to work to make skiing as a sport more popular. I want to design some skis that are fast and great looking like NORDICA skis!




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