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Nordica Extreme days 2011


Nordica Extreme days 2011- powered by Mercedes-Benz: first scout done, 20 Riders were qualified- 6 are IN now!


More than 100 Hobby Freerider made an application on www.extremedays.eu last month- for get an place on our european freeride roatrip. 7 days, 7 spots, 7 riders- the Nordica Extreme days 2011.


Stefan Häusl and Nordica Freeskiers selected the best 20 Riders from Austria, Germany and Switzerland - and invited them for a scout day in Hochfügen.


The Hobby Freeriders presented their scills to Stefan- who´s judged the best of them.


6 riders got their tiket now for the Nordica Extreme days 2011- powered by Mercedes-Benz. They are completely invited on the whole trip, and get on-top new skis, outerwear, level gloves & ortovox safety. Not bad!


2 German ladys and 4 Austrian boys are in- the 7th & last Freerider- we will scout upcoming weekend in Switzerland (Engelberg).


Here is the Teaser edit for the upcoming roadtrip- it´s including the last scout day in Hochfügen / Austria.

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22848988/edays_casting_2.f4v (for download)


Nordica Extreme days Youtube channel, here is the edit- and also all videos from last year:



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