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Shedding Light on Customizing Ski Boots



Nordica’s all-new Speedmachine® is changing the way skiers think about ski boot performance and comfort, thanks to its roomy 100mm last and revolutionary Tri-Fit® Customization system. Now, your ski boot liner, shell and hardware can be customized more quickly, safely and precisely than ever.

All hardware components are screwed in placed, so they can be easily removed, repaired, replaced or resized using an ordinary screwdriver and spanner. The patented cork-fit liner, which naturally conforms to your foot’s exact shape, can also be heated to accommodate especially hard-to-fit feet on the spot.

But most remarkable of all is Nordica’s Infrared® Shell Customization Technology. Using infrared light and a suction cup system, boot fitters can now heat and reshape the shell to match the exact contours of your foot in as little as ten minutes, including cool-down time.

Unlike conventional heating systems that heat only one side of the shell and risk melting it, “infrared works like a microwave,” says Nordica Production Manager, Alberto Contento. “Because the heat is evenly distributed across the internal and external boot walls, the shell material can be perfectly modified without incurring the ‘plastic return’ that boot fitters must consider when using traditional heaters.” Plus there’s no risk of accidently damaging the boot or harming the boot fitter or the skier being fitted.

Adds Alberto, “Although this technology was first developed by Sidas/Conformable for fitting World Cup plug boots, Giorgio Grandin, Nordica Innovation Manager was tasked with making it safe, easy and foolproof for ski shop use.” Remarkably fast, clean and efficient, Nordica’s Infrared Technology is only available on Nordica  Speedmachine ski boots for men and women.

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Dave Fonda
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