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Nordica Ambassador Profiles: Stephan Goergl


Imagine having the youngest ski racer ever to win an Olympic medal for a Mom and a World Cup, Olympic and Austrian Ski Team powerhouse for a sister. Welcome to the wonderful world of Stephan Goergl, Olympian, World Cup ski champion, certified Austrian ski instructor, licensed ski guide, founder of Goergl Intense Adventures and, now, Nordica ski ambassador.

“Becoming aware that my Mom was a famous ski racer (as a 16-year old, Traudl Hecher-Goergl won Bronze in DH, Squaw Valley, USA) made me proud on one side,” says Stephan. “And a little nervous on the other. Having a family history in the ski world was, for sure, a help at the beginning.”

Competing with his sister, Elizabeth Goergl, certainly didn’t hurt. “But when I look back,” says Stephan, “the greatest competition was always with me and myself;-)!”

Today, Stephan looks back fondly on his racing career. “I love to travel,” he says, “and see different countries… people. That was an exciting lifestyle, always challenging myself, trying my best and improving. But,” he cautions, “it sometimes hurts when the body cannot keep up. Missing races because of injuries, surgeries…”

Stephan managed to come back on the podium after a spectacular training run crash at Zauchensee, Austria that tore his patella and shredded his anterior and cruciate ligaments. He still cites being able to use the toilet after his injury as one of his most challenging moments.

Says Stephan, “I was so happy with what I’d accomplished, but there’s always a right time to do the right thing. I said Good Bye to the world of racing on December 12th, 2012! Ski racing was in the past. I live in the present. I love skiing, being out in the mountains. That’s why I turned to freeriding, ski touring… skiing in all its varieties.”





“the greatest competition was always with me and myself;-)!”


After becoming a certified Austrian Ski Instructor and licensed guide, Stephan opened his own ski school in Innsbruck. Today, Goergl Intense offers “extraordinary experiences for exceptional people” including heli-skiing, freeriding and ski touring off the beaten path and deep into the magnificent mountains that he so loves. Says Stephan, “I love to ski everywhere and find little hideaways and playgrounds for me and my clients.”

Following his greatest accomplishment —the birth of his son Timotheus— Stephan recently added a new chapter to his life’s work by becoming a Nordica ski ambassador. His duties include testing new gear, meeting other skiers, attending press conferences and trade shows, and appearing in Nordica promotional materials. Undaunted, Stephan still averages 80 to 100 days on snow per year.

A passionate Nordican, Stephan loves his Enforcer 100 skis and the GPX boots. Says Stephan, “I can achieve anything. Think constructively. Be active on the mountain. Life guides you!”

“I can achieve anything.
Think constructively.
Be active on the mountain.
Life guides you!”


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