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Classic Rocks.
The new standard in high performance ski boots

Since we first introduced the Dobermann in 1999, a lot has changed, but not our classic four-buckle, 98mm performance shell, with a cork-fit, leather liner. So, what has changed? Besides the new intuitive buckles, Weather Guard toe box, full-motion pivot and racing Zeppa, nothing much. Go ahead. Put your foot in it and get ready to rock.


Pure Power
Performance You Demand. Comfort You Desire

We took the all-day comfort and all-mountain versatility of our award winning Speedmachine and fused it with the DNA of our top-of-the-line Dobermann race boot. The result: The power you demand and the comfort you desire. The entire line of Promachine boots, which comes in a 130, 120, and 110 flex, are the lowest-volume, most modern lightweight design that we've ever created. Thanks to a 98-mm shell and anatomical 3D liner, all of the boots in the line are fully customizable, making for unparalleled responsiveness and precision. For a boot that combines performance with all-day comfort, look no further than the Promachine.



Nordica’s Speedmachine collection is designed for skiers whose passion knows no limits. Armed with a slew of awards, these boots have built their reputation on providing exceptional power and precision in all terrain and conditions. Their shell and liner can readily be customized for a fit that’s truly personal and to offer maximum control and performance. And for additional warmth, these liners sport Primaloft insulation. Embrace the entire mountain with Nordica’s Speedmachine boots.


Explore the Mountain
Engineered to Outperform.

WITH STRIDER® THE ULTIMATE HIGH-PERFORMANCE HIKE & SKI BOOT FROM NORDICA.OUR NEW FAMILY OF SUPER-LIGHTWEIGHT, HIGH-PERFORMANCE HIKE & RIP BOOTS ARE SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR MEN AND WOMEN LOOKING TO OPEN THE WHOLE MOUNTAIN TO SKIING. Our all-new Strider hike and ski boots are specially made for men and women skiers who’d rather ski new lines than stand around and wait in old ones. With their lightweight, modern design and 100mm last, they fit most feet right out of the box. Makes it easier to hike uphill without compromising downhill skiing performance.


Keep Skiing
Performance You Demand. Comfort You Desire.

Building on 80 years of innovation, we have redefined the concept of modern ski boots to cater to those who just want to keep skiing. Extremely intuitive, stepping in and out of the new HF boot is as easy as sliding in and out of your favorite slippers. Never before has performance brought so much comfort. BLISSFUL COMFORT, EPIC PERFORMANCE!


Absolute Control
Performance You Demand. Comfort You Desire.

Performance shouldn’t come at the expense of comfort. Guided by this belief, Nordica’s Sportmachine collection caters to skiers who spend their day enjoying the entire mountain. Built around a wider last, these boots sport a forgiving fit that can accommodate high-volume feet. The boot’s shell and liner are especially easy to get in and out of and can readily be customized to enhance comfort and performance. Primaloft insulation provides additional warmth while the boot’s cuff can easily be adjusted to accommodate a larger calf, allowing a more neutral stance that improves balance and reduces fatigue. For exceptional confidence and control, buckle up with the Sportmachine.



Performance doesn’t need to come at the expense of comfort. Guided by this belief, the Cruise collection aims to transform your skiing. Equipped with a wider fit, these boots feature a streamlined, anatomical shape that maximizes control and response. Thanks to their dual soft flap instep—which opens the boot’s throat exceptionally wide—they’re incredibly easy to put on and take off. And to further enhance comfort and performance, their liners and shells can readily be customized. The Cruise collection provides confidence and control to take your skiing to the next level. Amplify your experience—and never look back.

Buty zawodnicze Dobermann firmy Nordica są legendarne wśród sportowców Pucharu Świata, juniorów, weekendowych wojowników i narciarzy starujących w ligach masters. Zaprojektowane, aby spełnić  potrzeby każdego sportowca. Kolekcja Dobermann zapewnia największą stabilność, trzymanie i precyzję bez względu na to, jak trudny jest stok i konkurencja. Idealne trzymanie stóp i idealna ilość mocy przesuwa granice podczas zawodów i polepsza osiągi już od 14 lat.
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