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Nordica revamps its vaunted SpeedMachine

Since its 2004 introduction, Nordica has sold over 1 million pairs of its vaunted SpeedMachine boots. Combining top tier performance with all-day comfort, the SpeedMachine has since become the ‘go to’ boot for expert and advancing skiers who demand everything from their gear.

This year, the SpeedMachine is back, only Nordica has made it lighter, comfier and, ultimately, better than ever. 



Way less weight

Says Nordica Production Manager, Alberto Contento, “a new size 26.5 (mondopoint) Speedmachine weighs 500 grams less than previous models.” That’s a net weight savings of one kilogram (or 2.2 pounds) per pair with zero compromise in on-snow performance. The key, says Alberto, “is the boot’s tri-force construction that increases the transmission of skiing forces while maintaining the light structure.” A Nordica power driver boosts energy transmission and steering power between the skier, the liner and the upper shell. Also new is an integrated weather-shield that prevents leaking, even while carving on man-made snow.  


3-ways to a custom fit

Equally impressive is the SpeedMachine’s 100% customizable Tri-Fit system. Deep inside, pre-moulded cork liners can be oven-heated to achieve a perfect custom fit. The Speedmachine’s Tri-Force PU shells can be just as easily and safely custom-fitted. 

But instead of using potentially damaging, conventional heat sources, shells can be precisely heated and reshaped where and when it’s needed using Nordica’s infra-red light technology. All buckles, bails and hardware can be removed and replaced with a simple screwdriver.


The new Nordica SpeedMachine comes in eight different flexes, from 130 down to 85 for both women and men. This bears repeating, the new Nordica SpeedMachine really is lighter, comfier and better than ever.



Dave Fonda
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