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Our DOBERMANN GSR EVO EDT ski is the 2013-14 TEST WINNER Race Carver category!!

Ski Review

A dominant male that requires precise guidance. If you direct its aggression into the right channels however, nothing will hamper your best times. Result: fast, stable, vicious - our test winner!


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Since 1998 (Ski und Board Test GmbH) has been examining the latest ski models by the world's leading manufacturers. In order to actually succeed in collecting relevant data on the skis' material behaviour, initiates an annual long-term test under changing conditions ranging from firn to artificial snow. Our testing phase lasts four weeks between March and April. rejects the support of advertising measures. We consider our examination highly objective, professional and scientific.

Every year, the testing team consists of about 40 independent, professional skiing instructors. Andrä Aste and his father Professor Wolfgang Aste are in charge of the organisation of the ski test and the scientific interpretation of the collected data.

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