Unleashed 114

Unleash your creativity


Unleashed 114

Unleash your creativity
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When the snow is deep, run wild with Nordica’s Unleashed 114. Driven by a love for pow days and softer snow, this modern freeski makes the best days even better. To elevate your confidence, it pairs a wood core with carbon and a sheet of terrain-specific metal. This enhances edgehold and dampens vibrations for an especially smooth ride. Camber underfoot ensures the ski tracks true to your intentions. And thanks to its wide waist and early rise tip and tail, it floats effortlessly through deep snow. There’s nothing like a pow day–especially when you’re enjoying it with Nordica’s Unleashed 114.
  • Construction: Energy TSM TI
  • Rocker: Powder Rocker
  • Core / Materials: Lite Performance Wood + Terrain Specific Metal + Carbon + Sidewall
Target User
Groomed Powder
Beginner Expert
Short Turn Long Turn
Sizes / Dimension
Sizes 174 180 186 191
Sidecut (mm) 144.5-114-133.5 145.5-114-134.5 146-114-135 147-114-136
Radius (m) 18.8 19.4 20.4 21.1
Weight Per Pair (kg) 3.8 4 4.08 4.32

All Mountain Freeski

Energy Terrain Specific Metal TI


  1. Full Performance Woodcore
  2. Abs Sidewalls
  3. Carbon Fiber Glass
  4. 1 Terrain Specific Ti Layer

Main benefits

  1. Ultimate Versatility
  2. Playful Ride And Great Performance
  3. Rockered Tip And Tail Handles Diverse Terrain
  4. Terrain Specific Metal And Carbon Fibers Enhance Edge Hold And Dampen Vibrations

Energy Terrain Specific Metal TI

Unleashed / Technologies


Unleashed Rocker Design

LONGER RUNNING BASE LENGTH = Less tip and tail rocker depth to better support the playful tip and tail shovel shapes

  • 1 - MORE TURNED UP TAIL = Easier to swivel and break free while also offering a more favorable setup for ridding switch.
  • 2 - STEEPER TIP SHOVEL = More tip initiation and deflection in soft snow.

Unleashed Rocker Design Unleashed Rocker Design


True Tip

By trimming the amount of heavy ABS plastic in the tip and extending the lightweight wood core into this area with a taper that further reduces weight, we enhanced playfulness and maneuverability of the ski without compromising that unmatchable feeling of powerful and control. The next generation is upon us.

  • Lighter
  • Smoother
  • More maneuverable


Terrain Specific Metal

By adding the same shaped metal plate inside the skis, it increases proportionately with the decrease of the last. Through this technology, we were able to design unique constructions better suited for different terrain. The narrower Santa Ana have more power and stability on trail, while the wider constructions are more enjoyable off-piste and on softer snow.

  • Lighter with metal dampening
  • Stability where you need it
  • Playfulness where you want it


Base Graphic Explained

The running base design has a specific geometric shape to show two features of the ski: A horizontal cut indicates where the rocker starts.The intersection of the diagonal cut with the edge shows the widest point of sidecut for full engagement of the edge.

    Base Graphic Explained Base Graphic Explained

    Compare with similar products Unleashed 114 compare
    Unleashed 108 compare
    Enforcer 110 Free compare
    Weight Per Pair (kg) 4.32 kg (191) 3.94 kg (191) 4.84 kg (191)
    SIDECUT 147-114-136 mm (191) 142-108-131 mm (191) 140-110-129 mm (191)
    Lenght (cm) / Radius (m): 174 / 18.8 - 180 / 19.4 - 186 / 20.4 - 191 / 21.1 174 / 18.3 - 180 / 19 - 186 / 19.7 - 191 / 20.5 169 / 15.5 - 177 / 16.5 - 185 / 18.5 - 191 / 20.5
    Core / Materials Lite Performance Wood + Terrain Specific Metal + Carbon + Sidewall Lite Performance Wood + Terrain Specific Metal + Carbon + Sidewall Lite Performance Wood + Metal + Sidewall + Carbon
    Construction Energy TSM TI Energy TSM TI Energy 2 TI
    Rocker Powder Rocker Powder Rocker Powder Rocker

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