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Nordica Extremedays 2013- powered by Mercedes-Benz GLK / COUNTDOWN: 1 day!!!


The Nordica Extremedays 2013 - powered by Mercedes-Benz GLK starts shortly!

From 16.03. till 20.03.2013 our Nordica Teamrider Stefan Häusl, Fabio Studer, Raphael Webhofer and Marinus Höflinger are making a filmtour, and will battle each other with two different backcountrymovies.

The new format will be: 2 Teams in a Freeride-Filmbattle, 5 days, 6 rider!

Here the new TRAILER:


From 26.03.2013 every fan can vote 20 days for both videos, the one with the most likes wins! http://www.youtube.com/user/NordicaExtremeDays

Rider: Stefan Häusl, Raphael Webhofer, Mathias Gschwandtner
Filmer: Hanno Mackowitz / filmup
Filmsupport by: Rene Rofner
Rider: Fabio Studer, Marinus Höflinger, Eric Themel
Filmer: Alexander Stark / Starkfilm
Filmsupport by: Rene Rofner

Partners of the tour are: Mercedes-Benz GLK, Red Bull, Kjus und Level Gloves.
All news you will find on our Nordica Extremedays facebooksite: http://www.facebook.com/www.extremedays.eu?bookmark_t=page

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