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The Mayrhofen Freeski Open 2012 powered by Nordica Freeskiers


It was good to be back again! The Mayrhofen Freeski Open 2012 powered by Nordica Freeskiers was with no doubt a big success.

2 days contest , 85 riders , 9 Nations , from whole Europe,  1 Mercedes-Benz GLK Nightshow,  1 Party, 3 big TV Stations (ORF, ZDF, Servus TV), magazines (Skiing, Downdays, Bulletin, TT).

Let’s here have a look back on all the happenings.


On Thursday 9th February the event kicked off with the Rookies and the Ladies slopestyle finals. With Jakob Kratzer and Kelly Sildaru two well deserved winners were found, congratulations!


As usual the park in Mayrhofen was in great shape with a down box or down rail option on top, followed by two kickers in a row and another rail option consisting of a canon pipe or a bit higher straight rail.


The second competition saw the men’s finals and the MFO went down under an unexpected almost bluebird sky and deep temperatures. Cyrill Hunziker was in the end a very happy winner. He shared the podium with Sebi Geiger as second and Jonas Hunziker, Nordica Freeski athlete on the third position.


With some artificial color on the take offs and in the landings the practice kicked off around 9:30am and all riders got used the course consisting of the three quite huge kickers and the canon box or the flat down rail at the bottom of the course. When the qualification was down a very nice tradition of the Mayrhofen Freeski Open powered by Nordica Freeskiers was following: the suckling pig. Right after the delicious common lunch the results were announced and the best 12 contestants had to go up again for another two runs to decide who’s taking home the price purse.

Quickly right after the price ceremony all riders, media and organizers went down to warm up for the big afterparty. Once again the Mayrhofen Freeski Open powered by Nordica Freeskiers were a big success with a lot of smiling faces and a perfect organization.


Thanks to Nordica guys Martin Misof and Nic Rothenbächer for making that possible, you did an insane good job!


Men Results
1. Cyrill Hunziker (rightside cork 7 tail, left 900 tail, switch mute poke, 450 off the canon box)
2. Sebi Geiger (rightside 540 tail, switch bio 900 japan, dub 10 mute, 450 off the canon box)
3.Jonas Hunziker (right cork 900 tail, switch 900, dub 10 mute, 270 on the flat down)
4. Yannick Lerjen (switch righside 900, leftside cork 900, switch leftside 900 double mute, 630 off the canon)
5. Markus Obwaller (right 720 japan, leftside cork 900 nose, switch bio 900 mute,  flat down pretzl 270 out)
6. Luggi Brucic (rightside cork 5 shifty, switch cork 5, flatspin 7, 450 off the canon box)

Ladies Results
1. Kelly Sildaru (downrail slide, rightside 5 tail, switch 900 mute, pretzl 270 off the straight rail)
2. Arianna Tricomi (lipslide on the downrail, right 360 japan, left 360 tail, straight rail to switch
3. Lisa Zimmermann (270 on the down box, cork 7 tail, 720, straightrail bs 270 out

4. Sabrina Cacmakli (downbox slide, left 360, right 720, straightrail slide)
5. Philo Bair (270 on the downbox, 360 safety, 360 safety, straight rail)
6. Isabel Salzmann (270 on the downbox, 360, 540, straight rail 270 off)

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