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Before seeing your specialty boot fitter, these three tips you will have you well on your way to finding the right Machine boot for your feet.

Feet are like snowflakes… no two are the same.
And we know buying new ski boots and finding the right fit can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Through countless hours in the lab and on hill with testers from across the world, we have simplified our Machine collection to one family with three personalities. All with the performance you demand and the comfort you desire


TIP 1:

Define your skill level. Expert, Advanced, or Beginner? Your boot fitter will undoubtably ask you this right off the bat. Be honest, putting yourself in too much boot may make it harder to enjoy the day. When in doubt, go with softer flex…


TIP 2:

Define the width and volume of your foot. You don’t need a chemistry set to do this… Is your foot Wide, Medium, or Narrow? Is your foot thick (High volume), average (Mid volume), skinny (Low volume).


TIP 3:

Match your foot shape to the right boot. Having a precise fit that is right for you will translate to a more responsive skiing experience. Ski boots should feel more snug than street shoes but should not be so tight that your feet hurt.



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